THE CONTEST IS CLOSED FOR THIS TIME. Now you have the chance to win merchandise to shop with us at for a total of 4,000: – (not applicable to Pavel Moc’s swords and special orders).
All you have to do is:


1: Send an email to with a picture (not more than 0.5 mb large) on you where you carry items purchased from us at (Please be creative with background, theme, etc. Best picture / most time contest is chosen by our jury) Previous racing pictures do not apply!


2: Enter Facebook and like our page there (you already like, skip this item).


3: Share (share) the entry on the contest on our facebook page (do not post any posts, share only).


Of those who followed the points above we draw 5 winners! 1st prize: 1,500: – 2nd prize: 1,000: – 3-5th prize: 500: – 5 pieces win goods to shop for with us!


The winner is announced on our Facebook page (date will be later). Ev wins tax paid by the winner. This competition is by no means sanctioned by Facebook but only by You provide information to and not to Facebook. The jury’s decision can not be appealed. When you participate in the competition, you also agree that may use / publish your submitted image.

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