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German Rondel Dagger, Panzerbrecher w. Sheath, 15th c.

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German Rondel Dagger, Panzerbrecher with Leather Sheath, 15th century This beautiful late...more
Product information "German Rondel Dagger, Panzerbrecher w. Sheath, 15th c."
German Rondel Dagger, Panzerbrecher with Leather Sheath, 15th century

This beautiful late medieval melee weapon is based on late 14th / early 15th c. original examples from Germany. Known as rondel dagger or roundel dagger, it owes its name to the characteristic flat, circular shape of both its guard and pommel. This particular type of dagger was widely used in the late Middle Age and continued to enjoy great popularity way into the Renaissance period. Appearing in many variations, it was carried by people from all walks of life - from peasants and merchants to Landsknechte or heavily armoured knights.

Given its particular design, the rondel dagger we offer here is actually, to be exact, a so-called Panzerbrecher or Panzerstecher (which literally translates to armour breaker or armour piercer), a thrusting weapon specifically developed for use in close combat. As the name implies, this one-of-a-kind sidearm was exclusively devised to pierce padded armour and chain mail or stab the opponent through the joints of his plate armour. It was characterized by a very stiff blade which usually had no cutting edges but tapered to a needle-sharp point.

This lovely reproduction features a thick steel blade with square cross-section, rounded (in places concave) edges and a pointed tip. The historically accurate dish- or disc-shaped guard and pommel as well as the handle's middle ring are made of brass. The grip itself is crafted from horn. As horn is a natural product, each dagger has its own very unique handle! Variations in horn color and grain are quite common, and above pictures are thus for reference only.

The dagger comes complete with a vegetable tanned, hand-dyed leather sheath equipped with a brass chape and a belt loop. The shade of black may slightly vary from piece to piece due to hand-dyeing.

Please note that, as the blade features a sharp point, this dagger is designed as a collector's or decoration piece and not suited for combat reenactment!

- Blade material: steel (not stainless!), blunt edges, sharp tip
- Handle material: horn grip with brass ring, brass pommel and guard plate
- Overall length: approx. 47.5 cm
- Blade length: approx. 34.5 cm
- Handle length: approx. 13 cm (grip approx. 11 cm)
- Max. blade thickness: approx. 1.6 cm
- Weight: approx. 640 g (approx. 720 g with sheath)
- Vegetable tanned leather sheath with brass chape and belt loop

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