We usually respond to email within 3 days. It may sometimes take longer in high season when we are in markets, etc.


Many of our products are handmade and have longer delivery times than stocked goods. Delivery time is then announced after ordering.


Most of our goods are from a historical model and have evolved from pictures or illustrations.


Our weapons are of sparring quality (unless otherwise stated). However, this does not mean that they can be chopped against stone, or other hard material without any impact. Should the effect or rust occur on your weapon, it is important to treat it immediately.

Many of our products are 100% handmade. Therefore, there may be marginal differences from product to product, and what appears on the website reference car for each product.


You should handle a sword carefully. After saving, you should review your weapon and oil with weapon oil when not in use. A sword must always be taken care of in order to maintain good quality and longevity. Should the effect or rust occur, it should be handled to maintain high quality and longevity.

Tips on how to treat surface rust can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAD35AzGj7U


The illustrations on our site are illustrated by our illustrator, or taken from actual medieval manuscripts.


Most of the pictures on our web are copyrighted images on either spqr.se or any supplier. Do you want to use our pictures? Ask us before. All graphic material, ideas and concepts are protected by copyright law and thus spqr.se property.


Personal data
Your personal privacy and the protection of your personal information is important for SPQR.se Learn more about SPQR.se privacy policy here.

SPQR.se carries out processing with personal information that you leave or have submitted to us as a customer
administer your purchases and fulfill our commitments to you as a customer.

All information provided to us on SPQR.se from you as a customer is only used by us on SPQR.se and is not distrusted or sold to any other party.

Privacy applies to personal data and other personal circumstances. Privacy and jurisdiction rules
who has access to the personal data. The staff who need the tasks in their work are entitled to get involved
The data but confidentiality applies to others.

Current SPQR.se VIP Club

Due to the fact that the Swedish Data Protection Act, as of May 25, is replaced by the European Data Protection Regulation (Eu), we want to inform you as a customer about the purpose of our customer club and how we use your personal information. You do not need to do anything actively but read the following information.

The purpose of our VIP Club is to keep in touch with our customers and to offer them promotions and information in an easy way. We only register the necessary contact information, such as email address. With our mailing and contact with the club members, which take about 1 (a) time a month, the opportunity for the customer to cancel his membership is always given. We only use the data in the customer database for the purpose of the customer club and never sell or transfer the customer club’s customer register to third parties.

Our VIP club database is handled and stored by Space2u. Through our cooperation with Space2u, we are safe and feel a guarantor for the safe keeping of our club members. See this link that describes in more detail how Space2u manages the GDPR layer.

If you have questions or objections to our processing of personal data, please contact the responsible person at:

Box 5042
200 71 Malmö

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