Welcome to the new SPQR

Welcome to a new look at spqr.se! But it is not just the appearance of us changed. We have created a meeting place for all those who are seriously interested in recreating history.


You can now t.e.x. buy and sell your used goods (for auction), you can discuss with like-minded in our forum, and you can follow other reenacters in our gallery and perhaps be inspired by them and their outfit.


Our new site is very much based on the pictures from our old website. Why are many still images in a smaller format. We’re constantly updating them to larger and more suitable format. All new products come in a better format.


Decor elements you see on the different pages on our website is based on the actual details of historical manuscripts. Anything to get so close to the history and such a genuine feeling as possible.


What is also new is that we now offer you a really webshop with different payment options. All this to you as a customer can enjoy and feel happy with us spqr.


Welcome to us at spqr.se and history in the present.

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