We have an price gurante

We at SPQR really love history!
It makes our knowledge of our products, their models, origin and time updates, the natural and obvious for us.


We try to do our best to guide you as a customer by including demonstrate historic models of our products and historical accuracy so you can feel safe and satisfied with your purchase with us.


We will not sell anything that can be sold, on the contrary. We will sell what we consider to be historically accurate and to the Swedish market’s best price.
This means that we should always try to be at least 5% lower in price than other Swedish companies for identical products (and 100% more competent ;-).
This allows you to feel secure when you shop with us. Would not we keep the price guarantee, then let us know so we adjust!


You will find us also on Facebook where we continuously update both the images and news about events and new products.

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