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Viking Pants / Rus Pants Olaf, dark blue

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Viking Pants / Rus Pants Olaf, dark blue Viking-style trousers are certainly one of the most...more
Product information "Viking Pants / Rus Pants Olaf, dark blue"

Viking Pants / Rus Pants Olaf, dark blue

Viking-style trousers are certainly one of the most important pieces of clothing for an authentic portrayal of a Viking or a Slav.

The pants Olaf were inspired by the Viking Rus' (ca. 8th to 11th c.). It is believed that the Rus' people were originally Scandinavians, more precisely Swedish Vikings, who crossed the Baltic Sea and raided their way through Eastern Europe, where they eventually established trading settlements and gradually assimilated with the local, mostly Slavic population.

Pictorial evidence of the existence of loose-fitted Viking trousers can be found for example on some of the pictures stones of Gotland (Broa, 8th c.).

Our Rus' trousers are made of sturdy cotton fabric (twill weave) and are very comfortable to wear. While the top part boasts a quite voluminous cut, the legs are gathered below the knee and taper to the ankle. Additional winningas or legs wraps (available separately in our shop) can be wound over the trousers around the tight-fitting calf part. Please do not be surprised when you unpack the trousers: The waistband has a very wide cut and is therefore equipped with an individually adjustable drawstring for a perfect fit. Side pockets and small side slits on the leg hems allow for even more freedom of movement.

- Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
- Colour: black blue (also available: brown, black)
- Material: 100% cotton
- Length overall size L: approx. 108 cm
- Calf circumference size L: approx. 44 cm
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry

Size Chart - Men - Pants
Hip Circumference
(in cm)

How to find the right size:
- To take your body measurements correctly in order to determine you clothing size, please always wrap the measuring tape horizontally around your body at the fullest part.
- For trousers, sizes are based on your hip circumference.
- If you happen to fall between two sizes, we recommend that you go up a size.
- Ease is included in the pattern and reflected in the finished measurements.

Please note:
Delivery includes the trousers only! The other items pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

As authentic as possible, as modern as necessary!
These medieval trousers are part of Battle-Merchant's line of period clothing and medieval garments for men, women and children. From the first sketch to the last stitch, this garment was planned, designed and handcrafted with particular attention to detail. Our clothes are modeled (sometimes accurately, sometimes less so) on historical examples, grave finds and original museum pieces where they exist. We always endeavour to keep the necessary adjustments to today's standards, e.g. in terms of size and manufacturing process, to a minimum. Just see for yourself!

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17 Jun 2024

Guter Stoff und Länge

Guter Stoff und Länge wie erwartet. Breite etwas groß, aber das Band hilft beim Anpassen. Ein Tipp zur Vorsicht, damit nichts reißt. Insgesamt zufrieden.

16 Jun 2024

Perfekte Passform

Sehr zufriedene Qualität von Battle Merchant, Daumen hoch!

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