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Frying Pan with Forged Hook Handle, approx. 20 cm

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Frying Pan with Forged Hook Handle, approx. 20 cm MADE IN GERMANY Cold forged iron pan with...more
Product information "Frying Pan with Forged Hook Handle, approx. 20 cm"
Frying Pan with Forged Hook Handle, approx. 20 cm


Cold forged iron pan with welded-on handle. The surface is roughened with a pattern. This pan is ideal for juicy steaks and crispy fried potatoes.
Whether at home or in the camp kitchen at the medieval market, this frying pan with rustic look will remain a faithful companion for many years!

Key features:
- suitable for all types of stoves (gas, ceramic, electric, induction) as well as open fire
- optimum heat distribution
- excellent frying properties
- high durability
- scratch-resistant and impervious to metal cooking utensils

- Material: wrought iron
- Diameter: approx. 20 cm (base of the pan approx. 14 cm)
- Height: approx. 3 cm
- Handle length: approx. 20 cm
- Weight: approx. 0.87 kg

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

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Please be sure to read carefully and observe the following recommendations before first use:

First, the corrosion protection must be removed. To do so, please soak the pan in hot water and washing powder. Remove the remains of the protection with a dishwashing brush and clear, hot water, and dry the pan thoroughly.

As a next step, the pan needs to be properly seasoned. Pour shortening or oil with a high smoking point into the pan (it should cover the bottom well) and add raw potato slices or skins with a teaspoon of salt. Fry the potatoes well until the bottom of the pan begins to darken. Turn the potatoes several times in the process, until they are dark brown. Then empty the pan, rinse it and dry it well. It is now ready for use.

Please keep in mind: The pan is made of iron and now without corrosion protection, which means that, when it is not in use, it must be lightly greased with some oil and a paper towel after each "wet" cleaning.

General recommendations:

- Make sure the pan is the right size: The base of the pan should not be larger than the cooktop or ceramic hob.
- Heat the pan and the fat first, then add the food to be fried.
- You can lower the heat shortly after starting frying. The pan has very good heat conductivity and reacts quickly.
- In the beginning, you will need more fat/oil than in a non-stick frying pan. But the more the pan is used and the darker it gets, the less fat is necessary.
- Do not ever put the pan in the dishwasher. Rubbing it out with a paper towel usually suffices. Otherwise, just rinse with hot water, dry thoroughly and grease lightly.

The pans are in general suitable for all types of stoves (including induction) as well as open fires. Please follow the instructions of most manufacturers of glass ceramic hobs and avoid sliding pots and pans back and forth on the cooktop. Always lift the pan when moving it on the cooktop.

Note on safety:

The handle may become hot during use! Please use a pot cloth or oven mitts.
Never heat the pan when it is empty!

About the patina of iron pans:

These forged iron pans are not coated. They are scratch and cut resistant and do not change their surface texture even after years of use. With increasing use, their excellent frying properties improve even more. The frying surface becomes darker and smoother, and acquires a patina that prevents sticking and rusting. Your pan will then be at its best and show all its advantages!

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