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Lorica Hamata, ID 6mm, riveted/punched

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RM Lorica Hamata, ID 6mm, riveted/punched, size M The Lorica Hamata was the typical...more
Product information "Lorica Hamata, ID 6mm, riveted/punched"
RM Lorica Hamata, ID 6mm, riveted/punched, size M

The Lorica Hamata was the typical chainmail armour of the Roman legionnaire.

Delivery includes displayed shoulder-doubling (collar) made of the same fabric with a leather border, buttons and brass hooks. The leather has been vegetable-tanned. These shirts are crafted with excellent manufacturing quality.

The RM chain maille type is composed of small rings with an inner diameter of 6 mm only. As per original finds, it is woven with alternate rows of rivetedround rings (domed rivet heads) and punched flat rings. Both then and now, the extremely small inner ring diameter has made it possible to manufacture this particular chain mail out of 1 mm steel without impairing its effectiveness, and thereby to achieve aweight reduction of about 30 - 35%. The common abbreviation for this particular weave is RM (Roman Mail), as it was favoured by the ancient Celts and Romans (Lorica Hamata). However, it remained in use throughout the ages and was commonly worn up to the late Middle Ages.

Available in sizes M, L and XL.

All measurements are taken fully stretched.

- Inner ring diameter: approx. 6 mm
- Ring width: approx. 1 mm
- Finish: natural (slightly oiled)

Measurement table:
SizeChest circumference approx.Length from shoulder approx.Weight approx.
M120 cm80 cm7.5 kg
L140 cm80 cm8 kg
XL150 cm80 cm8.9 kg

This is an original ULFBERTH® product.
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