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Rommunds Axe, Viking Axe from Gotland

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Viking Axe based on an archaeological find from Rommunds, Gotland This high-quality, hand-made...more
Product information "Rommunds Axe, Viking Axe from Gotland"
Viking Axe based on an archaeological find from Rommunds, Gotland

This high-quality, hand-made Viking Age bearded axe is modeled after an original iron piece found in Rommunds (Gammelgarn, Gotland, Sweden) and dated to approx. 800 - 1099 A.D. (see the last two pictures above).

The axe head was hand-forged from high carbon steel. Its particular shape shows plant ornamentation elements and its dimensions are true to the original early medieval Gotlandic find, which may have been used both as a battle axe and working axe and can be admired at the Swedish history museum (Statens historiska museum, also known as Historiska museet) in Stockholm.

The Rommunds hand axe comes complete with an untreated ash wood shaft.

Please note that, as the edge is sharp and fully functional, this Viking period axe is designed as a collector's or decoration piece and not suited for combat reenactment!

- Blade material: high carbon steel (not stainless!), sharp edge
- Handle material: ash wood
- Overall length (with shaft): approx. 35 cm
- Axe head: approx. 11 x 8 cm (like the original piece)
- Shaft thickness: approx. 3 x 1.5 cm
- Weight: approx. 400 g

Please note:
We do not sell this product to customers under the age of 18. Please provide your birth date when ordering. We'll also need a copy of your ID-card or passport by email, scan, fax or mail.

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