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Tabard / Surcoat Lucas for Children, Mi-Parti, black/red

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Medieval Tabard / Surcoat Lucas for Children, Mi-Parti, black/red This calf-length child's...more
Product information "Tabard / Surcoat Lucas for Children, Mi-Parti, black/red"

Medieval Tabard / Surcoat Lucas for Children, Mi-Parti, black/red

This calf-length child's tunic is made from sturdy cotton fabric. It is straight cut and has side slits from the waist down. It also features a somewhat shorter slit on the centre front and back.

The surcoat or tabard (also surcote, German: Waffenrock or Waffenkleid) came up in the 12th century and was worn by knights over their plate or chain mail armour. It was primarily designed to protect its wearer from direct sunlight on the battlefield, and the various colour combinations were a decisive means of distinguishing brothers-in-arms from enemies in the fray.

Mi-Parti / Miparti refers to the division of a garment in different (mostly two) colours. Parti-coloured clothing was quite popular in the Middle Ages. Although such garments were predominantly divided vertically, models with a checked pattern of four squares in two colours are also documented. In most cases, the colour composition had a markedly symbolic character. Examples of particoloured tunics can be found amongst others in the Stuttgart Psalter and the Morgan M.804 Chroniques. At large, numerous illustrations bear testimony to the prevalence of knightly surcoats or tabards in medieval times, for example paintings from the Morgan Bible (also known as the Maciejowski Bible or Crusader Bible), a medieval picture bible from the 13th century, and miniatures from the Codex Manesse, an illuminated manuscript of songs from the early 14th century.

A characteristic feature of the surcoat is its simple, straight cut. For an authentic look, we recommend you to combine the tunic with a leather belt.

Please note: Delivery includes the tabard only! The other items pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

- Available sizes: 110, 128, 146, 164
- Colour: black/red (vertical division) Also available: yellow/black (chequered), natural-coloured/black (chequered)
- Material: 100% cotton
- Length overall size 128: approx. 88 cm  (measured from the centre back neck down to the bottom hem)
- Care instructions: Machine wash at 40°C, gentle cycle, do not tumble dry

To determine the size you need, please refer to your child's body height (for a 128 cm tall child, size 128 should be ordered).

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