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Houndskull bascinet, 2 mm steel

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Houndskull bascinet, 2 mm steel, with padded liner battle-ready This helmet type developed...more
Product information "Houndskull bascinet, 2 mm steel"

Houndskull bascinet, 2 mm steel, with padded liner battle-ready

This helmet type developed from the late medieval basin or bascinet. Until circa 1420, it was the favourite helmet form among the noble knights and warriors. The characteristic design of the visor gave the helmet its name Hundsgugel (Hounds hood/Hounds head).

The original of our full-fledged reproduction was probably built around 1400/1410 in northern Milan, a high seat of the armour making art. The helmet is handcrafted from 2 mm thick steel, riveted and welded, and due to its robustness it provides good protection during any battle.

The helmet has a visor that can be tilted upwards, and two foldable gorget bows. In addition, the helmet has a comfortable, padded fabric inlay and a leather chin strap.

- Head size: up to approx. 61 cm circumference
- Ear-to-Ear distance: approx. 19 cm
- Forehead to back-of-head distance: approx. 21 cm
- Material: approx. 2 mm steel
- Weight: approx. 3.5 kg

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