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Medieval Velvet Hood Mirella, various colours

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Medieval Velvet Hood Mirella, various colours This velvet hood or gugel is made of 100%...more
Product information "Medieval Velvet Hood Mirella, various colours"

Medieval Velvet Hood Mirella, various colours

This velvet hood or gugel is made of 100% velvet cotton and lined with a light cotton fabric. The hood ends in a long trailing point or tail (also called a liripipe) and is cut extra wide around the head so that it can be pulled deep into the face or folded over if needed. It closes with small ball buttons so as to prevent the wearer from ruining her hairstyle when putting it on or taking it off. Usually, however, only one or two buttons were fastened at the neck, or the gugel was worn completely open.

This buttoned headgear can be historically assigned to the late Middle Ages and was only worn by women in this particular variant. Numerous illustrations from the time furnish evidence that this type of gugel was part of everyday clothing and was often worn when working or doing chores.

In the Middle Ages and early modern period, wearing a headdress was mandatory for married women. The German expression unter die Haube kommen, which literally translates to "coming under the bonnet" is derived from this custom and still a common idiom today for "getting married".

In regard to the fabric, it can be added that velvet took its rise in the 14th century Mediterranean and was predominantly woven in Italy. The complexity of the craftsmanship involved in producing velvet garments made them luxury items.

- Available sizes: one-size-fits-all
- Available colours: black, red
- Material: 100% cotton (velvet)
- Care instructions:

Cotton velvet should not be machine washed to prevent irreversible creasing. Ironing should also be avoided at all costs, as to do so will crush the pile. To remove light stains, we recommend using a clothes brush to gently brush the stained area in the direction of the nap. For larger stains, it is advisable to have the jacket dry-cleaned by a professional.

Please note:
Delivery includes the hood only! The other items pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

As authentic as possible, as modern as necessary!
This medieval hood is part of Battle-Merchant's line of period clothing and medieval garments for men, women and children. From the first sketch to the last stitch, this garment was planned, designed and handcrafted with particular attention to detail. Our clothes are modeled (sometimes accurately, sometimes less so) on historical examples, grave finds and original museum pieces where they exist. We always endeavour to keep the necessary adjustments to today's standards, e.g. in terms of size and manufacturing process, to a minimum. Just see for yourself!

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