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Velvet Doublet Victor with Metal Buttons, black

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Velvet Doublet Victor, Late Medieval Jacket with Metal Buttons, black The doublet is a...more
Product information "Velvet Doublet Victor with Metal Buttons, black"

Velvet Doublet Victor, Late Medieval Jacket with Metal Buttons, black

The doublet is a tight-fitting jacket or vest for men. This garment developed from the Frankish arming jacket or gambeson which was worn as an undergarment from the 14th century onward.

In the 15th century, the doublet began to appear as an outer garment in Spanish fashion and, from then on, spread throughout Europe. Typical features of this type of garment were a snug fit, a short stand-up collar and a seam at the waist. It was usually elaborately adorned and made of high-quality fabrics.

The doublet was waist-length or hip-length and sometimes fitted with an added bottom hem. The added hem concealed the transition to the trousers, which were attached directly to the doublet with laces. Occasionally, the sleeves were also attached to the shoulders with laces only and could thus be easily removed or replaced. However, not every doublet or jerkin had sleeves - which makes the sleeveless doublet the precursor of the modern vest or waistcoat. It usually closed at the centre front with a series of buttons (front lacing closures were more common with its predecessor, the arming jacket). As was the fashion at the time, the belly / chest area was often accented with additional padding.

The doublet was paired with a white shirt and round padded hose (called trunk hose, bombasted hose, cannions or slops depending on the style, and colloquially referred to as pumpkin pants). Numerous Spanish portraits from the late Middle Ages bear testimony to the prevalence of the doublet at the time, and even a few original examples from this period have been preserved until today.

Our lined velvet doublet (100% cotton) falls just above the hip. The appliquéd trimmings, high-quality ball buttons and sewn-own shoulder flaps make it clear that it is designed for festive or solemn occasions. The added hem has slits and is equipped with hidden, stitched eyelets in the front to allow the wearer to lace trousers / hosen directly to the doublet.

This elegant doublet is ideal for portraying well-to-do, high standing characters and will enhance any costume.

In regard to the fabric, it can be added that velvet took its rise in the 14th century Mediterranean and was predominantly woven in Italy. The complexity of the craftsmanship involved in producing velvet garments made them luxury items.

- Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
- Colour: black
- Material: 100% cotton (velvet)
- Length overall size L: approx. 58.5 cm (measured from the centre back neck down to the bottom hem)

Care instructions: Cotton velvet should not be machine washed to prevent irreversible creasing. Ironing should also be avoided at all costs, as to do so will crush the pile. To remove light stains, we recommend using a clothes brush to gently brush the stained area in the direction of the nap. For larger stains, it is advisable to have the jacket dry-cleaned by a professional.

Size Chart - Men - Jacket/Vest
Chest Circumference (in cm)92100108116120

How to find the right size:
- To take your body measurements correctly in order to determine you clothing size, please always wrap the measuring tape horizontally around your body at the fullest part.
- For tops, sizes are based on your chest circumference.
- If you happen to fall between two sizes, we recommend that you go up a size.
- Ease is included in the pattern and reflected in the finished measurements.

Please note:
Delivery includes the waistcoat only! The other items pictured above are available separately in our online shop.

As authentic as possible, as modern as necessary!
This medieval doublet is part of Battle-Merchant's line of period clothing and medieval garments for men, women and children. From the first sketch to the last stitch, this garment was planned, designed and handcrafted with particular attention to detail. Our clothes are modeled (sometimes accurately, sometimes less so) on historical examples, grave finds and original museum pieces where they exist. We always endeavour to keep the necessary adjustments to today's standards, e.g. in terms of size and manufacturing process, to a minimum. Just see for yourself!

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