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Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, 1st. c. AD

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Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, Leather with Tinned Brass Fittings, 1st c. AD The piece of...more
Product information "Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, 1st. c. AD"
Rheingönheim Cingulum, Roman Belt, Leather with Tinned Brass Fittings, 1st c. AD

The piece of Roman military gear known as a cingulum militare was a leather belt adorned with ornamental metal plates and often equipped with frogs (suspension devices) for the soldier's dagger. This war belt was not only used to hold up the warrior's braccae (trousers) during battle, but was also a display of rank or military honour.

The Roman cingulum we offer here is based upon a find dated to the first half of the 1st century AD and made at the archaeological site of Rheingönheim (Ludwigshafen, Germany), a Roman auxiliary fort or castrum located on the Rhine River. Although cingulum belts were usually completed by a leather apron consisting of several narrow strips (so-called pteryges or pteruges) decorated with metal fittings, the original artefact was found without apron.

The hinged buckle, the pugio frogs and the decorative plates are all made of tin-plated brass. The belt itself is crafted from sturdy, 3 mm leather and backed with a second lining of suede to protect the wearer's tunic from the rivets retaining the metal plates. It features punch holes and is adjustable to a wide range of sizes. A leather cord for tying and securing a dagger to the twin buttons is included in delivery.

An ideal accessory for Roman re-enactment. LARP, stage or TV/film, this fine Roman belt will make your transformation into a proud warrior just perfect.

- Material: brown leather, tin-plated brass fittings, enamel inlays
- Thickness (with suede lining, without fittings): approx. 4 mm
- Overall length (incl. buckle): approx. 134 cm
- Suitable for a hip circumference of approx. 100 to 125 cm
- Width: approx. 6 cm (approx. 2 cm at the punched end)
- Weight: approx. 920 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

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