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Churburg armour without stand

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Churburg armour without stand This extremely decorative reconstruction of a late medieval...more
Product information "Churburg armour without stand"
Churburg armour without stand

This extremely decorative reconstruction of a late medieval knight's armour from Churburg Castle in South Tyrol is crafted from solid steel.

In the middle ages, plate armour was of course usually always made to measure. We can however offer a standard size for a man of average stature and a height from 1.75 cm to about 1.80 cm. Adjustable straps with buckles are riveted to all relevant parts so a certain amount of size adjustment is actually possible. The breastplate in particular offers a significantly better size adjustment to other models thanks to its folding mechanism. Nevertheless, we would like customers to bear in mind that you shouldn't expect 100% fit with such an armour.

The armour consists of the following components:

- Helmet
- Two very elaborate arm sections consisting of shoulder protection, rerebrace and vambrace and couter
- A pair of very flexible gauntlets with brass applications
- The typical foldable Churburg breastplate
- Two complete leg sections, with cuisses, poleyn, greaves and sabatons (also called soleret)

- Material: approx. 1.2 mm steel, cowhide straps
- Total weight: approx. 23.7 kg
- Inside helmet circumference: approx. 65 cm

There is no stand included with this suit of armour.

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