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Gothic Besagews, 15th C., Pair

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Gothic Besagews, 15th c., 1.2 mm Steel, Pair High Gothic besagews or besagues (plate...more
Product information "Gothic Besagews, 15th C., Pair"
Gothic Besagews, 15th c., 1.2 mm Steel, Pair

High Gothic besagews or besagues (plate armour rondels) based on a historical example from Germany dated to 1472 AD.

The rondels are made of approx.1.2 mm thick steel. They are equipped with a leather strap on the back so that they can be attached to a plate armour or a mail shirt. The front is adorned with forged leaves typical of the period, and features a pointed spike, as the rondels themselves could also be used as weapons at the time.

The increasing effectiveness of offensive weapons brought the need for improved protection, and as much as possible was done to close the vulnerable gaps between the armour plates. The besagews of Gothic armours were decorative, but primarily designed to protect the armpits and upper arms from high cuts and / or blows.

- Material: 1.2 mm steel, leather straps
- Diameter: approx. 15 cm
- Spike length: approx. 1.5 cm
- Weight (pair): approx. 365 g

Specs may slightly vary from piece to piece.

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29 Oct 2022


The look as good as in the pictures, there pretty darn big and are defenitly sturdy. Nothing to complain about and I'm even considering buying more of them to put in other places then just my armpit.

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